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Fez Caps™ is the designer of original baseball caps blending the ancient style of the Moorish fez with modern street-wear hats.  Our cutting edge design features stylish Moorish ornament embroidery accompanied by a silk tassel on the dome of the cap.

This provocative design accompanied by the noble ambiance of wearing a fez allows the user to pull off a sophisticated look with a street edge.  This exotic design appeals not only to the connoisseur of Moorish attire, but attracts a strong and diversified base of ages and lifestyles.

More than just a fashion statement, every aspect of the Fez Cap™ represents something powerful and ancient within you.  To learn more about the history and the symbology behind the fez hat click here.

The Fez Cap™ is the instrument of choice for the New Moors of the modern era.

The Fez Cap™ is the perfect look for the modern, renaissance man or stylish, independent woman of the 21st century.  Fez Caps™ were created for the cream of society, the elite.

We are the new aristocracy of the Hip Hop generation.  We are global trendsetters.

The Fez Cap™ was created with you in mind.

Take up your crown and wear it with pride!

The World Is Yours!


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